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Laurence Waeber

I partner with a network of seasoned and highly trained consultants, trainers and coaches, who are committed to deliver high value services to my clients.

My background

I worked 15 years in the corporate world, holding executive roles in HR and Learning & Development, within international and culturally diverse environments, in the private and non-profit sectors.

Over the years I’ve developed a solid expertise in Leadership Development (identifying and developing high potential individuals, creating and implementing development programs...), Talent Management (tailoring talent process to business strategies, managing evolving employees’ expectations, optimizing the Employee Value Proposition, …) and Organizational Development (new organizational structures, flexible working conditions, e.g. activity based environment, office 2.0…). I’ve got a track record of leading transformation projects in complex, and sometimes difficult and politically sensitive contexts.
Passionate about people development, I’m a highly engaged, dynamic and creative, self-driven individual. My clients particularly value my professionalism and reliability, the capacity to quickly translate actions into business results. Pragmatic and highly adaptable, with a can-do and 
open attitude, I possess a solid strategic and business acumen. I work in English, French and German.

I’m a Swiss national and I live between Geneva and the beautiful mountains of Valais. When I’m not working with clients, you’ll find me in the nature, hiking or climbing – no doubt I learnt a few great leadership lessons from the cliffs! 

My approach to leadership development

"Uniqueness is your talent!"

I believe leadership can be developed - it is not innate, and by the way, it is multiple, there is no ONE leadership! I look at leadership development as a transformation process, as opposed to a progressive accumulation of new skills in a toolkit. This process integrates both the "doing" AND the "being". Action creates opportunity for a new learning, which produces new action, and so on. Oh and... transformation takes place outside the comfort zone. Get ready!

I believe effective leadership is the result of opportunities, experience and training. The best way to learn to lead is... to lead!

I believe individuals are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. There is nothing to repair. Our weaknesses are most often our forces used in excess.

I believe the most powerful way to grow as a leader is to become truly self-aware. Only when connected to their true self, aligned with their values and life goals, can individuals access their full resources and genuine talents and thus unleash their full potential.

I believe that learning is not just an action, it is a posture. Learning takes place all the time, mostly outside the classroom. Self-awareness and transmission are key elements.

What a journey!

In 2013 I started a 2 year journey to becoming a certified professional co-active coach with CTI, the Coaches Training Institute. This was a tremendously inspiring and life changing experience: I re-connected to my true self, and made the conscious choice to live more in alignment with my values.

Today, working as an entrepreneur, I hope I can inspire others to re-connect with their values, release their potential and express their uniqueness!

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