➳ code of ethics

At LW consulting training coaching we strive to achieve the highest level of client confidence through competency, confidentiality, impartiality, transparency and respect.


As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach®, Laurence Waeber abides by the ICF Code of Ethics.

➳ our value proposition


We draw on our experience and expertise, skills and creativity, as well as on the outcomes of research. We strive to exceed our clients expectations in every respect. We identify the risks and opportunities for our clients in each of our interventions.


We design flexible and fully tailored services. We are attentive to the needs, challenges and opportunities of our clients, as well as to their specific work culture and history. We take a pragmatic, non-dogmatic approach, we do not sell one-size-fits-all recipes.


We focus on both the "doing" and the "being" when it comes to leadership development. We facilitate our clients' re-connection with their true self and the release of their full potential. We stay away from a conforming or limiting approach.


We systematically address human capital challenges from a strategic perspective. We support our clients in measuring the ROI of each intervention. We strongly promote the development of employability. 


We are on the lookout for content and best practices on emerging topics, in a prospective approach and with a strong international dimension. We promote a culture of continuous learning, which is also on demand (just in time), social and informal.