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Coaching is about promoting increased self-awareness, self-management, choice, competence and well-being, with the clear aim of producing increased performance or results, meaningful and sustainable changes. It encourages and supports a shift in thinking and behavior, taking it off automatic pilot and putting it into manual operation.

"Coaching is NOT another “feel-good” exercise."

Coaching is about transformation, courage, resources, fulfillment, choice, accountability, learning, action, clarification,

commitment, perspectives, values, purpose, vision, creativity, possibilities and performance.

What are the topics for coaching?

  • Feeling stuck in a project?
  • Willing to take the next step in growing your personal impact?
  • Struggling with your work-life balance?
  • Feeling overwhelmed, unsatisfied or anxious in the current situation?
  • Feeling limited or unsure in the expression of yourself as a leader?
  • ... 

If you feel like it's time for a change, coaching can definitely help you find the resources within yourself to leave the status quo and put you back in the driver’s seat!

What do we offer?

Coaching is a place where our clients can experiment, create strategies, explore new perspectives, try - and fail! - without limitation, in a safe and creative environment. Coaching is also a great place for learning, discovery and new insights.

We are 100% committed to support our clients on their journey to clarifying choices and making meaningful and sustainable changes in their lives. We coach individuals and teams. We specialize in working with team managers, emerging leaders, high potential and multipotential individuals, entrepreneurs.

Our recommended setup:

  • Sessions : 6 to 12 renewable coaching sessions of 45-60’
  • Frequency: usually 1 to 2 sessions per month
  • Type: face-to-face, by phone or Skype


Are you curious about what YOU can expect from coaching? 

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We also create and deliver coaching skills training for managers and business leaders.

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The benefits of coaching

Why you should hire your own coach (Forbes, March 2017)

Co-active coaching and the brain: Neuroscience Research Supports the Efficacy of the Co-Active Model (CTI, 2012)


Coaching skills for managers & business leaders

How to make your one-on-ones with employees more productive (HBR review, August 2016)

How to manage managers (HBR review, August 2016) 

Building a business case for your organization: coaching applied to Leadership Development


Your company is willing to build leadership that stems from collaborative relationships and the ability to connect with others in a way that fosters organizational engagement and higher performance.


The key objectives of your Leadership Development strategy:

  • Develop future leaders
  • Drive key strategic projects
  • Catalyze culture change
  • Promote cross-functional work and break down silos
  • Strengthen relationships with stakeholders


As part of your Leadership Development strategy, the key objectives of coaching:

  • Deepen leadership skills
  • Drive employee engagement
  • Foster a culture in which developmental conversations are viewed as a vital part of day-to-day corporate life
  • Reinforce the importance of working to achieve results through relationship and connection with others
  • Engage leaders in hands-on experiential learning that shifts the fundamental ways that they operate and relate to others rather than being limited to an intellectual exercise


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