➳ consulting

➳  We deliver 100% tailored services in the fields of Talent Management, Organizational Development and Human Resources.

➳  We partner with global and local companies, HR teams, Talent Management and OD divisions, SMEs, start-ups, freelancers.

What we offer

Audits and strategies

Review your compensation philosophy, refine your Talent Management strategy, build a forward-looking HR team, etc.

Transformation projects

Design an effective and agile Change Management process, create a compelling and seamless Employee Experience, get rid of the traditional and heavy Performance Management system, etc.


Leadership development

Identify your top talents, build a customized Leadership Development path, etc.

Employer branding

Optimize your Employee Value Proposition, become an employer of choice, attract new talent, etc.

Operational services

Recruit for a critical position, get some advice in employment

law and social cover related matters, etc.





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