➳ We create and deliver 100% tailored training and workshops to global and local companies, SMEs, start-ups, freelancers

     teams and individuals.

➳ We take an experiential and practical approach, based on active learning, combining preparatory work, theoretical input,

     group discussions and exercises, role-playing scenarios and action plan for on-the-job integration.

➳ We provide a training follow-up structure, comprising team and/or individual coaching, to ensure learning lasts.

➳ We support our clients in measuring the ROI of each learning intervention.

Our training & workshops offer includes

High Impact Leadership Development

People management for new managers

Coaching Skills for business leaders

Uncover your leadership style with LIFO®


Reinvent your performance management system


Forward-looking HR: preparing for new roles 


Forward-looking HR: creating an inclusive and flexible

work culture

Hire well: the opportunities and pitfalls of recruitment


Managing high-potential employees


Building effective collaboration in teams


Giving constructive feedback

Handling difficult conversations


Career transition


Graduates and young professionals: kick-start your career

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"Learning is not just an action, it is a posture."

Learning takes place all the time, mostly outside the classroom. We promote a culture of continuous learning, which is also on demand (just in time), social and informal.

"Employees take charge!"

The most fundamental shift to make is to think of learning from the perspective of a user’s daily experiences and career aspirations, rather than as a series of processes and programs. High performing organizations place the employee at the center of a new architecture and new vision that treat learning as a continuous process, not an episodic event, and as a company-wide responsibility, not one confined to the HR or L&D divisions.


Through consulting, training and coaching services, we strive to:

- Help companies build a compelling and dynamic learning experience for employees, to prototype, pilot, test new learning architectures and learn from it.

- Help employees “learn how to learn”, i.e. learning exactly what they need, when they need it, at a time that fits their schedules.